School Mission:-

The school has been set up in the memory of Shaheed Babu Singh who laid down his life fighting bravely for the country in 1971 war.In rural area we,at S.B.S.Public School are engaged in blending our traditional values given by our rich heritage,Gurus and the latest scientific advancements.The overall focus is to develop each and every village child into a responsible citizen with upright conscience,sense of commitment,character based on strong principles and values, respect for each other, honestly and at the same time to prepare the student to face the fast paced and competitive urban society.

The school is engaged in humble service by providing concessional education to talented, deserving and economically weaver students By giving emphasis on girl education, we are trying to realize one of the main mission of OUR GURUS

The environment of the school is highly conducive to make the child strive to be the best.The child learn through the various activities/ programmes/ curriculum designed to let him/ her grow intellectually, physically, socially and morally.

The school Management

The school management comprises of people from various walks of life who have a lot of experience in their fields. They play an integral part in running the school as they feel that it is time to give back to the society what they have earned. The members are:

Ex- service men of high rank,



Serving and Ex principals of centre and state government, Teachers from abroad, as well as the government.

School Team:

The school is headed by a well qualified person. An academicians experienced in teaching as well as administrative work.

Teachers are well Qualified experienced and trained in latest techniques according to CBSE pattern.

Our Main focus will be on giving values to our students so that they are:






This will make them good citizens of this country

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